Welcome to the Mountains

Welcome to The Teton Knitting Company!  I’m Sarah, an avid knitter, dyer, scientist, doggy momma, wife, skier, and trail runner living in the heart of the Grand Tetons!


The Tetons are one of the most beautiful places in the United States to live and play.   I’m very lucky to get to call the Tetons home. The beauty and wonder of living here inspires my knitting designs and my dyeing everyday from the golden leaves of the aspen in the fall, to the granite spires of the Tetons with the season’s first dusting of snow.   I can be running up the Alaska Basin trail within 15 minutes of getting home, be skiing at Grand Targhee after work and have a family of moose living in my front yard most of the weekend.

Living here is not without its challenges; the winters are long, jobs are scarce, the cost of living higher, having to chop wood to keep your house heated through the winter, planning trips to visit the town for groceries and items (thank goodness for Amazon Prime!), a moose eating its way through your fruit orchard, to name just a few.  Mountain living is not for those who expect a Starbucks around every corner and a strip mall only 10 minutes away to get your shopping fix.  A sense of adventure, a strong sense of humor, being resourceful and a great can do attitude are essential to live in the mountains year round.

Teton Knitting

I started Teton Knitting Company to combine and share my passions of knitting and dyeing with living in the mountains.   The landmarks, wildlife, history, flora, people and way of life of the Tetons inspire me every single day in surprising new ways.  These elements inspire my knitting designs and yarn color ways.

So come join me in the Tetons!  For if you are lucky enough to knit and dye in the mountains, you are lucky enough!

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