ebay Shop Update: April 6, 2019


The Teton Knitting Company eBay Shop has been updated with bright colors of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Handmaiden, Wollmeise, Fleece Artist and Cascade Yarns just in time for spring and summer knitting projects.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts has been one of my favorite sock yarn handdyers for years now.  Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts never ceases to amaze with a never-ending rainbow of colors that come from her dye fingers.  Just when you do not think she can come up with any new dye tricks, she surprises you!  Knitters swear that the tight twist of Socks That Rock adds to spring to the steps of anyone given a pair of socks knitted out of this yarn.

ebedp9qprciswosfh7apw.jpgFor sheer amazing color with great yardage so you never have to fear about do you have enough yarn to make socks for Bigfoot, Wollmeise Twin is one of my go to favorites sock yarns and the Lace-Garn is one of my favorite lace yarns.  Claudia of Wollmeise dyes brilliant, intense color ways from her home in Germany.  An amazing durable 6-ply (yes, you read right, 6-ply) sock yarn is also perfect for wraps and even sweaters.


The ladies of Handmaiden/Fleece Artist dye stunning handprinted yarns from a variety of unique yarn bases.  Just look at this skein of Lace Silk in Blackberry.  The colors are so bright and ripe that you want to eat it!

So visit our eBay store to find the yarn for your next spring project!

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