Knitting Patterns: The Albright Peak Scarf

f1rMhXPEQdCPt5tT3vDWrQAs the winds howled around our house this winter, Mountain Man asked me to knit him a scarf to ward off the bite of the wind when he wasn’t skiing.  A long, narrow scarf that he could wrap multiple times around his neck.

I’m thrilled to knit for Mountain Man anytime, anyplace since from the very beginning of our relationship he has always shown a love for hand knitted items.   He uses the fingerless gloves just about every day from October to April to keep his hands warm in his office. He treasures every pair of socks I have ever knitted for him. To date, he is the only person to ever actually wear out a pair of socks.

Hedgehog Fibres Sock has always been one of my go to sock yarns as I love the beautiful colors, the yardage is generous and has enough twist with a bit of nylon to hold up but still is soft to the touch.  Mountain Man’s taste in colors is a bit different than mine but considering the drabness of the winter, I was all too happy to indulge in his request for a bright yellow scarf.

FAnxI0vlSYeYkCRqqXwd2gThe flow and peaks of the twisted stitches reminded me of the lines of Albright Peak, that raises majestically above Phelps Lake in southern Grand Teton National Park.  The Albright Peak Scarf is designed to be unisex as the pattern of ribs of twisted stitches with increases and decreases gives the appearance of cables without the difficulty, working well for either gender.

This pattern is free and available for download on our Knitting Patterns Page. This is just the beginning of our collection knitting patterns.  More will be published in the weeks to come.

Thanks for knitting with Teton Knitting Company!

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