Autumn Sunsets Bring…

It’s hard to believe after what seemed like endless hot days, that autumn is here to the Tetons. The first snows of the season have turned the high peaks of the Teton white. The aspens are still green but that green has a golden yellow as they begin their transition to gold.

With autumn’s shorter days, I’ve been watching more sunsets as I walk the dogs in the evenings. The sun’s last light turning the sky into a brilliant display of golds, oranges, reds, and purples against the sky as it goes from sky blue to velvety night blue. The sunset fades into twilight and eventually into night as the stars coming out and the moon rises. No matter how many times I see sunsets over the mountains, I never get tired of watching them.

Last Light in Mountain Sock.

The autumn sunsets and sunrises have been influencing what has been coming out of the dyepot; golds, reds, oranges, navy blues and purples.

First Light in Mountain Sock
Twilight in Mountain Sock
Enchanted Evening in Mountain Sock

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