Etsy Shop Update: Mini Skein Madness

Mini Skeins of sock yarn are a lot like potato chips; once you get the first one, you can’t stop. They’re small, brightly colored jewels of sock yarn that inspire all sorts of knitting creativity. And if regular skeins of sock yarn don’t count against you as stash, mini skeins definitely shouldn’t count against you.

Feeling adventurous and bold? Try my Choose Your Own 6 Mini Skein Set where you can pick your own color combinations.

If you think knitting with mini skeins is addicting, dyeing them is even more addicting. I honestly can’t help my self. I am powerless against their color potential. They are so much fun to try new colorways out and mixing and matching color combinations can turn into an all day affair at the drop of a hat.

Knit the Rainbow with my Rainbow Gradient 6 Mini Skein Set.

The Etsy Shop has been updated with new colors of individual Mountain Sock Mini Skeins and new gradient sets of these addicting little gems. Or if you are feeling bold, build your own 6 mini skein set. There is a world of possibility in each mini skein for hats, gloves, socks, sweaters, figurines and so much more.

Feeling cool? Pick my Mountain Cool 5 Mini Skein Set for your winter knitting.

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