About Me

IMG_0758Welcome to Teton Knitting Company, where knitting and dyeing meets the mountains!  I’m lucky enough to call the Grand Tetons of Wyoming and Idaho home along with my husband, Mountain Man, our two dogs, Tobey and Scooter, and our cat Emma.  I left living in the suburbs of Idaho Falls to live in the Tetons when I met the Mountain Man.  Living in the Tetons has been a dream come true to return to my mountain roots as I originally hail from the Cascades of Western Washington.

2uZEUb4YS9aWtJhb5GRMhgLiving in the Tetons allows Mountain Man and I a chance to pursue our passions for skiing, rafting, trail running, climbing and hiking while living in a small mountain town where you can still enjoy the small town living.  Living in the mountains is not without its challenges; the winters are long, the cost of living high, jobs are scarce and the ability to find a good avocado in the grocery store difficult, if not impossible.  But the charms far outweigh the challenges of living here and we think they are 100% worth the benefits of living here.


11504238353_dfc3fefe58_oI love color!  You won’t know it from looking at the way I look or dress.  But I love playing with color on the medium of yarn.  I love the color of the wildflowers blooming on the mountain passes, the color of the sun setting against the Tetons, the brilliant white of new fallen snow.  Dyeing is my way of expressing myself through color on beautiful yarns that take on a life of their own through knit designs. Dyeing yarn is my way of sharing my love of the colors that I see around me every day in the Tetons.  Knitting is my Zen.  The stitches come off my needles in a mediative way for me that nothing else fixes.  I will knit anywhere, anytime.  I am a mess if I don’t have my knitting with me and not the sort of person you want to be around without my knitting.

I started Teton Knitting Company to share my passion for knitting, color, dyeing and the mountains in a way that allows me to combine all my loves together in a way I can share with other people.  So join me on my journey of mountain living with my family as I explore the Tetons through color and yarn.